Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 Travis Perkins Innovation Awards! See below to find out who they are.

More information will be added following our Winners’ Day on 6th October 2016.

Meet the winners!

CristalGrip from Johnson Tiles

Winner: Registered Business Category

Hotun from RA Tech

Winner: Registered Business Category

LeakNet - Dr Daniel Simmons

Winner: University Category

Pipe Mate - Mark Titley

Winner: Inventor Category

Spacelink Truss - Mark Singleton

Winner: Problem Solving Category

Multi-Cordon Bag - Jonathan Bolton

Winner: Internal TP Colleague Category

About Us

We’re Travis Perkins plc and we know a thing or two about the building and home improvement markets. After all, we’ve been supplying the building and construction trades for more than 200 years. Travis Perkins plc operates 21 businesses across the UK and owns 19 product brands within these businesses.

Staying ahead of our competition and ensuring continual relevance to our customers’ needs is paramount for growth. We must therefore be at the forefront of finding innovative solutions to these changing customer needs.

By understanding and exploring this research we can partner together innovators, our manufacturers and our customers to bring new, relevant products to market in an efficient and effective manner. Our ambition is to be at the forefront of providing innovative solutions to the challenges and problems our customers face on a daily basis, both now and in the future.

“For any Company to stay relevant to its customer needs and stay ahead of its competition, it is vital that it demonstrates a devotion to 'Innovation' in its truest sense.”
John Carter
CEO of Travis Perkins plc
The Travis Perkins Innovation Awards

The Travis Perkins Innovation Awards has been designed to unearth relevant construction innovation so that we can support the ‘next big thing’ in our industry.

Who Can Apply?

Anyone with a good idea! You could be an inventor, a student, a university research group, a supplier or even a Travis Perkins employee. Applications are closed for the 2016 Awards, but check back again soon to find out when the next Awards are taking place.


Awards may be presented in the following areas: financial support of up to £10,000, opportunity to trial an innovative product in selected Travis Perkins Group locations around the UK, business mentoring and commercial support, meet and greet the TP Exec and networking across the Group’s supply chain network.


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